Welcome to Neo Classic Space! This site is a tribute to LEGO's Classic Space era from 1979 to 1987.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our recent 30th anniversary celebration of LEGO Space.

Please note that unless otherwise stated, set box images are presented purely as a tribute to the great set boxes of classic space sets, and to not represent actual sets.

Unusual Space Station

And another quick blog post from me...

I wanted to highlight this NCS space station construction by L.D.M. with its unusual zig-zag pattern on the walls, signposts used as stanchions, and X-Pod on the greebly roof with the satellite dish.

NCS Station

That's not all, though. the station has a a cool feature: the door-hatch folds down creating an integral staircase to the interior.  Luxury for Federation Spacemen more used to buildings with no fourth wall!

When "Under Construction" is a Good Thing

For the last few years of the 20th Century, the phrase "Under Construction" was synonymous with websites made on certain free webpage providers, usually featuring little animated GIFs of construction worker signs.

But not so with Pete Reid's (Legoloverman) latest creation, an "Under Construction" version of his LL-117 Prototype Escort Fighter, being worked on by Federation engineers and mechanics.

LL-117 Under Construction

In this comparison of the "under construction" and "complete" LL-117, it really does look like the one under construction will become the finished ship with the addition of some panelling and a paint job.

LL-117 Comparison

Very clever, Mr. Reid. Does this mean that "WIPs" are the new "MOCs"?

"Ground Control to Major Tom" - an NCS Spacebase

Our month-long celebration may have ended, but that doesn't mean we're not still highlighting cool Neo Classic Space creations, like this Spacebase by 5p8c3 (aka Capt. Kirk).


The open-front is a very 'classic' design, with  some modern touches and a lot of greebles - such as the radar dish and engine on the roof, and the whole of the back of the building. Very industrial and functional!

Spacebase back

Check out the other photos in 5p8c3's Flickr set too, including some shots of the interior work stations.

Classic Space 30th Anniversary Cake

What birthday celebration is complete without a cake?

When I realised that the Brickish Association AGM fell just after our March celebration, and that several of the builders would be at the event, I knew that we needed a cake.  The only problem was I don't bake.  However, my mother does!

Picture the scene:

"Mum? Is it possible for you to make a jam-sponge birthday cake?"

"Yes... why?"

"Excellent! I'll tell them my idea and that you'll do it."


"I'll tell the spacey folk that I've had an awesome idea for a cake to take to the AGM, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Classic Space. There'll be about 60 people there."


"Oh and it's got to be blue with the Classic Space logo on it, a white spaceman and a red spaceman, and a bumble-bee stripe ribbon around the edge. Thanks, I'm sure it'll be perfect!"


Of course it all came together beautifully and here is the very cake by Hilary Dade, her "MOC" for the March celebration.

Classic Space Cake


The Brickish Association's AGM was held over the weekend and I'm sure that as we all settle back into our homes, we'll be posting some photos of the "fly-in" of some of the ships featured in the March event that has just gone by.

But I couldn't resist making this poster, just for fun.  Apologies to any Spacers I missed from the photo sessions yesterday.  Click here for a full-size version.


Based on this (for the uninitiated):
Dr. S.



We Apologise for the Inconvenience

The Classic Space Federation were subjected to unprovoked attacks both against our colonies and an electronic attack on the Federation Information Network. During this attack, an alien computer virus penitrated Federation systems causing false claims of victories against Federation outposts.

Please rest assured that the claims were a weak attempt to cause undue panic among citizens. The attacks were easily repelled, and all Federation colonies are now back to normal. If you experience any difficulties contacting relatives in other colonies, please do not be alarmed, it is just a temporary glitch caused by damage to sattelites during the attacks.

Federation forces have traced the attack to a hidden base on Preliumtarn and are preparing to mount a counter-attack.

Our engineers are working to eliminate the virus from our network. Systems are mostly back to normal, but we would ask you to stay away from this section.

Day 31 Bonus: LL-930 Star Fleet Infinitum-A

In our last entry, we left the story of the Statue unfinished. For our last entry of the month, we complete the story with Mark Stafford's LL-930 Star Fleet Infinitum-A.



The Infinitum-A was built with new technology and the remains of the almost destroyed LL929. A new statue had been cast and was to be delivered to the site of the first Moonbase. This custom homage to the original space heroes was commission for this single flight.

LL-930 open

In order to discourage bandit attack this time the rear section was built with a homing hyperdrive engine that would instantaneously return the rear module to Earth. However the front was a formidable fighter capable of holding it's own even against the technological marvels of the Green Jelly like Invaders of Mars.

Day 31: LL-929 Star Fleet Infinitum

Today we conclude our little trek through the Classic Space Federation with Mark Stafford's LL-929 Star Fleet Infinitum. Mark has managed to get hold of some parts from the new Space Police sets, making us all very envious.

LL-929 Star Fleet Infinitum

The designation LL929 was one of several that was strangely unused (or perhaps for used on a top secret test vehicle) during the time of 'classic' space exploration, almost thirty years later, after the fractioning of human space into the colonies we know today, the government of Earth commissioned this one of a kind custom vessel to make a very special delivery.

LL-929 From Rear

Day 31 Bonus: 497 Box Art

We're changing things around a little for the last day of our 30th anniversary celebration, posting a bonus first and making you wait for the main model of the day.

Pete Reid's LL-497 has been around for a little while, and can't be considered for the month long celebration as it wasn't specially built. However, a little collaboration with Stuart Crawshaw and me produced a rather beautiful piece of set box art.

497 Box Art

Stuart provided the landing pad, while the crater plate was mine. Pete added the rover and moonbase, as well as LL-497 that gives the set it's name. We wanted to get it as close as possible to the original 928 set box image. Pete says he took about 300 photos to try to get it all to look right, but I think the results are well worth it. Thanks to Ian Greig for fixing up my photo editing efforts.

Day 30 Bonus: Final Nnenn Round-up

Nnenn has been busy in the last few days of March, producing even more amazing models.

His Heavy Striker is a lovely piece of kit for the Federation pilots.

Heavy Striker

The Recon Scout and Ugokin crawler are both really beautiful builds:

Recon Scout and Ugokin Crawler

What's not to love about the Egronga Hunter, particularly the beautiful curves on the wings.

Egronga Hunter

And last, but certainly not least, the Enforcer Battle Platform is another stunning piece of work, with its excellent tracked feed, and its stunning array of guns and rockets.

Enforcer Battle Platform