Neo Blacktron Historical Archive

While much of the evidence regarding the Neo Blacktron incursion has been destroyed or erased, tantalising fragments survive. On these pages we shall attempt to tease together what few facts we can extract from the archives and explore the probable causes and effects of that rather regrettable period of our history.

The Origins of Neo Blacktron and Landspeeder

Historians have long debated the origins of Neo Blacktron. Many argue that it was a resurgance of the original Blacktron virus, yet the theory that the original Blacktron was viral in nature has not been universally accepted.

While the idea that the Neo Classic Space Federation was a utopian society is widely accepted, there have been claims from some historians that this utopia only extended to the elite, and that there was a large section of the society that felt excluded from its benefits.

Take a look at one of the earliest surviving pieces of evidence:

Neo Blacktron Landspeeder

This vehicle would appear to be converted from a civilian landspeeder, and appears to carry only light armaments. Is it possible that these men, far from being a ferocious invading force were merrly civilians making a peaceful protest at the injustice in their society?

Is it possible that it could all have blown over if it wasn't for a heavy handed response from the authorities?

Although records are almost non existant, the name Pete Reid has been associated with this vehicle. Could this be the same Admiral Peter Reid, a highly decorated officer of the Neo Classic Space Federation, yet whose service record mysteriously disappears from records shortly after the Neo Blacktron rising.

Neo Blacktron Landspeeder