Day 30 Bonus: Final Nnenn Round-up

Nnenn has been busy in the last few days of March, producing even more amazing models.

His Heavy Striker is a lovely piece of kit for the Federation pilots.

Heavy Striker

The Recon Scout and Ugokin crawler are both really beautiful builds:

Recon Scout and Ugokin Crawler

What's not to love about the Egronga Hunter, particularly the beautiful curves on the wings.

Egronga Hunter

And last, but certainly not least, the Enforcer Battle Platform is another stunning piece of work, with its excellent tracked feed, and its stunning array of guns and rockets.

Enforcer Battle Platform

Nnenn has made a stunning contribution to our month-long celebration, with an amazing range of ideas and some really awe-inspiring builds. I'm sure that many of the other contributors joined in after being inspired by his work.


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