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Classic Space 30th Anniversary Cake

What birthday celebration is complete without a cake?

When I realised that the Brickish Association AGM fell just after our March celebration, and that several of the builders would be at the event, I knew that we needed a cake.  The only problem was I don't bake.  However, my mother does!

Picture the scene:

"Mum? Is it possible for you to make a jam-sponge birthday cake?"

"Yes... why?"

"Excellent! I'll tell them my idea and that you'll do it."


"I'll tell the spacey folk that I've had an awesome idea for a cake to take to the AGM, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Classic Space. There'll be about 60 people there."


"Oh and it's got to be blue with the Classic Space logo on it, a white spaceman and a red spaceman, and a bumble-bee stripe ribbon around the edge. Thanks, I'm sure it'll be perfect!"


Of course it all came together beautifully and here is the very cake by Hilary Dade, her "MOC" for the March celebration.

Classic Space Cake

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