Pete Reid

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Pete Reid

I've known Pete for several years, and as well as being a highly talented builder, he's also a great guy to be around and a good friend.

Pete is renowned for the amazing detail he puts into his parts, and his inginuity for finding new ways of making parts connect to each other. His many robot designs make fantastic use of these techniques, and often have part counts that exceed much larger models, and really deserve a website dedicated to them (but that will have to wait).

Pete's interest in Classic Space was rekindled when he got hold of a trans-yellow Duplo windscreen that thought it would in interesting to incorporate into a spaceship. The LL-137 Blue Canary was the result, and numerous other Neo Classic Space ships followed it.

Pete is a very active member of the Brickish Association, and has been instrumential in getting other members to take part in Neo Classic Space, and we have organised several large displays at Brickish Association events.

Pete's gallery on Flickr.


your LL's are all fantastics

you are a fantastic lego player! my mind is unable to create a ships like yours! ciao! luca

Hi Pete (LLM!) thank you for

Hi Pete (LLM!) thank you for showing me the pics of your 'modern' 928 - inspiring!! Hope the rest of the Steam show went well

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