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The Brickish Association's AGM was held over the weekend and I'm sure that as we all settle back into our homes, we'll be posting some photos of the "fly-in" of some of the ships featured in the March event that has just gone by.

But I couldn't resist making this poster, just for fun.  Apologies to any Spacers I missed from the photo sessions yesterday.  Click here for a full-size version.


Based on this (for the uninitiated):
Dr. S.



Day 29: LL-998 – The Sapphire Condor.

This immense ship from Ed Diment certainly ensures he lives up to his online handle of "LEGO Monster".  LL-998 is massive, heavy and incredibly detailed from top to bottom, and it contains a surprise for anyone foolish enough to engage it in battle as this video will attest.




Motto: ‘Making your bad day worse.’

“When you absolutely, positively have to drop on to a hot LZ, accept no substitute” – The words of Brigadier General Knackerjacker after his successful campaign to have the Federation Raptor assault ships reinstated to full service with the fleet.  The LL998s (Ultramarine Osprey, Prussian Eagle and Sapphire Condor) were moth-balled nearly a decade before the Ugokin threat materialized.  Replaced by smaller more efficient military transports with dedicated fighter support, the Raptors were considered too expensive to maintain.

A Mysterious Artifact...

A crack team of spacemen under the command of Admiral James Shields has unearthed a mysterious object on the lunar surface.  What can it mean?

Perhaps this official transcript of the radio communications will help...

"So what do you think it is, guys?"
"I dunno... some kinda alien monolith?"
"Well, obviously it's an alien monolith. I mean I know an alien monolith when I see one, but what's it doing here?"
"Or maybe it could be a skyscraper for tiny aliens."
"Hey boss, aren't we supposed to have a sudden revelation that will take us to the next level in our development?"

Dr. S.

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