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Pete Reid goes Micro

We've already featured a number of excellent microscale models. Now our own Pete Reid has got the bug, and has been producing some utterly amazing work at a tiny scale.

Neo-Classic (micro) Space

Pete has always been a genius at cramming an incredible amount of parts into a small space, and has clearly been applying some of his robot-building techniques.


Best of all is LL-237, a bit of a micro-scale monster - we love the sinister looking neck vertibrae, making the ship look almost organic.


When "Under Construction" is a Good Thing

For the last few years of the 20th Century, the phrase "Under Construction" was synonymous with websites made on certain free webpage providers, usually featuring little animated GIFs of construction worker signs.

But not so with Pete Reid's (Legoloverman) latest creation, an "Under Construction" version of his LL-117 Prototype Escort Fighter, being worked on by Federation engineers and mechanics.

LL-117 Under Construction

In this comparison of the "under construction" and "complete" LL-117, it really does look like the one under construction will become the finished ship with the addition of some panelling and a paint job.

LL-117 Comparison

Very clever, Mr. Reid. Does this mean that "WIPs" are the new "MOCs"?

Day 30: LL-605 Marauder

As we near the end of our tour, we feel compelled to show you Peter Reid's latest ship, the LL-605 Marauder. Peter has really pushed the boat out on this one, offering a fantastic amount of detail.

LL-605 Marauder Box Art

LL-605 is a long-range tactical interceptor, designed for planetary surveillance and covert operations. Marauder performs admirably in a wide variety of atmospheres, as well as deep space.  

The ship is designed to keep its two-man crew comfortable over long periods of time, and has proved invaluable gathering data during the Ugokin conflict.

Marauder from rear

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