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Unusual Space Station

And another quick blog post from me...

I wanted to highlight this NCS space station construction by L.D.M. with its unusual zig-zag pattern on the walls, signposts used as stanchions, and X-Pod on the greebly roof with the satellite dish.

NCS Station

That's not all, though. the station has a a cool feature: the door-hatch folds down creating an integral staircase to the interior.  Luxury for Federation Spacemen more used to buildings with no fourth wall!

When "Under Construction" is a Good Thing

For the last few years of the 20th Century, the phrase "Under Construction" was synonymous with websites made on certain free webpage providers, usually featuring little animated GIFs of construction worker signs.

But not so with Pete Reid's (Legoloverman) latest creation, an "Under Construction" version of his LL-117 Prototype Escort Fighter, being worked on by Federation engineers and mechanics.

LL-117 Under Construction

In this comparison of the "under construction" and "complete" LL-117, it really does look like the one under construction will become the finished ship with the addition of some panelling and a paint job.

LL-117 Comparison

Very clever, Mr. Reid. Does this mean that "WIPs" are the new "MOCs"?

"Ground Control to Major Tom" - an NCS Spacebase

Our month-long celebration may have ended, but that doesn't mean we're not still highlighting cool Neo Classic Space creations, like this Spacebase by 5p8c3 (aka Capt. Kirk).


The open-front is a very 'classic' design, with  some modern touches and a lot of greebles - such as the radar dish and engine on the roof, and the whole of the back of the building. Very industrial and functional!

Spacebase back

Check out the other photos in 5p8c3's Flickr set too, including some shots of the interior work stations.

Classic Space 30th Anniversary Cake

What birthday celebration is complete without a cake?

When I realised that the Brickish Association AGM fell just after our March celebration, and that several of the builders would be at the event, I knew that we needed a cake.  The only problem was I don't bake.  However, my mother does!

Picture the scene:

"Mum? Is it possible for you to make a jam-sponge birthday cake?"

"Yes... why?"

"Excellent! I'll tell them my idea and that you'll do it."


"I'll tell the spacey folk that I've had an awesome idea for a cake to take to the AGM, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Classic Space. There'll be about 60 people there."


"Oh and it's got to be blue with the Classic Space logo on it, a white spaceman and a red spaceman, and a bumble-bee stripe ribbon around the edge. Thanks, I'm sure it'll be perfect!"


Of course it all came together beautifully and here is the very cake by Hilary Dade, her "MOC" for the March celebration.

Classic Space Cake

Day 29 Bonus: NCS Rocket Transport

We can't get enough of big rockets and rocket transporters over here at NCS Central and Adrian Florea doesn't disappoint with his NCS Rocket Transport

The advancing Ugokin forces have forced peaceful colonies to adapt their strategies in defensive purposes. Many of the newly inhabited planets have used their existing equipment to counter the threat. In one such case, backwater forces on Verta 6 of 8th quadrant, have modified existing missile carriers, which would normally be equipped with terraforming rockets. The newly improvised vehicle was a medium sized missile carrier able to launch cluster missiles.

"Although I too was Inspired by the old rocket transport set, " Adrian writes, "I took a different approach than what Brickfrenzy built. I couldn't stop myself from adding stickers, and I have barely any old gray parts."

We think you'll agree that what Adrian has achieved with just a few old grey parts is impressive.

Day 16 Bonus: A sweet little CS Speeder

Sometimes cool things happen when a new twist is added to an existing design.

Doug Idle's Classic Space ScooterDoug Idle has done just that with his Classic Space Speeders based upon an earlier design by Flickr user 'Jay (see here), which in turn is based upon an even earlier design by Nick Kappatos (pictured in Keith Goldman's Brickshelf folder).

I think they are an adorable way for our spacemen to hop around their base. It also looks like great fun - I want a real one!

Space Crane

And I'm the third person to post in this blog!

Space Crane I present my "Space  Crane", which is a crane... in space!  It was inspired by a simple crane in an old Legoland Idea Book.

Photos of the crane can be found in my Flickr album.

The winch mechanism is motorised with a micromotor, and is strong enough to lift some of the smaller craft (I haven't tried it with larger ones) .  I think this is more of a repair and pick-up truck, actually.

The front tow-cab detatches and I plan to make other vehicles for the rear end, such as a personnel carrier and a mobile science station.

Louise (Tranquility)

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