We Apologise for the Inconvenience

The Classic Space Federation were subjected to unprovoked attacks both against our colonies and an electronic attack on the Federation Information Network. During this attack, an alien computer virus penitrated Federation systems causing false claims of victories against Federation outposts.

Please rest assured that the claims were a weak attempt to cause undue panic among citizens. The attacks were easily repelled, and all Federation colonies are now back to normal. If you experience any difficulties contacting relatives in other colonies, please do not be alarmed, it is just a temporary glitch caused by damage to sattelites during the attacks.

Federation forces have traced the attack to a hidden base on Preliumtarn and are preparing to mount a counter-attack.

Our engineers are working to eliminate the virus from our network. Systems are mostly back to normal, but we would ask you to stay away from this section.


Awesome prank


Great job on the April Fools site. This was the best one this year.


Nice Hitch-Hiker's Quote.

I see we're quoting God's final message to his creation now. :-)

Dr. S.

@ Bruce: I really think so

@ Bruce: I really think so too!!!

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