LL-930 Star Fleet Infinitum-A

01 Splash
The Infinitum-A was built with new technology and the remains of the almost destroyed LL929. A new statue had been cast and was to be delivered to the site of the first Moonbase. This custom homage to the original space heroes was commission for this single flight. In order to discourage bandit attack this time the rear section was built with a homing hyperdrive engine that would instantaneously return the rear module to Earth. However the front was a formidable fighter capable of holding it's own even against the technological marvels of the Green Jelly like Invaders of Mars. However this time the trip was escorted by Space Police cruisers and was uneventful. The Infintum-A now resides in the lobby of the Knudsen Museum of Space Exploration, Billund, Earth.
Active Service


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