Farewell to a Fallen Comrade

NnennWe are saddened to learn today of the death of one of the true heroes of Neo Classic Space, Nnenn (Nate Nielson). Nate died after a road accident earlier this month and leaves a beloved wife and two young sons behind. Our deepest sympathy goes to them at this most difficult time.


Nnenn was a truly inspirational builder, who had a great love of spaceships of all shapes and sizes. I doubt there's a spaceship theme he hasn't tried his hand at. Famously he pionered "Nnenn-scale", which features figures made mostly from 1x1 bricks and round plates, as well as building huge fleets of nanoscale dreadnauts. He also perfected the Vic Viper, producing dozens (or possibly hundreds) of variations.


Nnenn was a pioner of Neo Classic Space, producing several early models, but even his early contributions refused to conform to expected norms and everywhere he went he insisted on breaking new ground.


Day 30 Bonus: Final Nnenn Round-up

Nnenn has been busy in the last few days of March, producing even more amazing models.

His Heavy Striker is a lovely piece of kit for the Federation pilots.

Heavy Striker

The Recon Scout and Ugokin crawler are both really beautiful builds:

Recon Scout and Ugokin Crawler

What's not to love about the Egronga Hunter, particularly the beautiful curves on the wings.

Egronga Hunter

And last, but certainly not least, the Enforcer Battle Platform is another stunning piece of work, with its excellent tracked feed, and its stunning array of guns and rockets.

Enforcer Battle Platform

Day 25 Bonus: LL-009 Tactical Fighter

Another amazing bonus from Nnenn, the LL-009, a slightly out dated model, but still a work-

Without various upgrades and additions, the ancient LL-009 would be completely dilapidated. Differences in ground crew over the years have kept any two ships from looking identical. And though an embarrassment to most pilots, at least Synths will fly them.

LL-009 from behind

Day 23 Bonus: Special Ops Insertion Vehicle

Another vehicle from the amazing Nnenn stable, the Special Ops Insertion vehicle is heavily armoured and able to carry troops to the most dangerous locations.

Special Ops Insertion Vehicle and Ugokin War Walker

Only after losing all the Kronum colonies, did Federation forces discover a weakness in the most heavy armored Ugokin ground unit: an underside orifice housed directly beneath the weapons column. Good luck marines... 

Special Ops Insertion Vehicle

Day 19 Bonus: LL-711 Bomber

Another bonus from Nnenn, the LL-711 Bomber displays some fantastic angles and impressive guns.

LL-711 Bomber

A little more of the Ugokin threat is also revealed.

Ugokin Interceptor and LL-711 Bomber

Day 13 Bonus: Supporting the Troops

When you're on the ground facing the enemy, it's important to know you've got support.  Nnenn's troop support sled really comes in handy...

Troop Support Sled box art

The 654th Reserve survived because they had mobilized a TSS (old converted cargo platforms) for M2 recurrency training. But the captured drone confirmed that the Ugokin have a biological neuron network running symbiotically throughout a hardware frame. 

Troop Support Sled

However, when the going gets tough, it's nice to know that you can call in air support in the form of the LL-771 support gunship.

LL-771 Support Gunship


 Thanks to the Fobulyin Treatise, the LL-771 benefits from both Jeeru-Kon levitation design and regenerative technology... giving it an almost unlimited supply of ammunition for its role in continuous close-ground support.

Day 10 Nnenn Bonus: Heavy Interceptor

I promise I'll try not to post more than one bonus entry per day, but today I just couldn't decide which to pick, so here's a bonus bonus from that most prolific builder, Nnenn.

Heavy Interceptor and Ugokin Gunboat

Federation xenopologists now understand that initial conflicts might have been avoided if military personal were never exposed to the subliminal indoctrination of assumed superiority during training. But the Ugokin are still unintelligible, so who knows... 

Heavy Interceptor

Day 1: LL-414 Deep Space Perimeter Patrol Ship

We kick off our exploration of the universe of Neo Classic Space with Nnenn's Deep Space Perimeter Patrol Ship...

LL-414 Box Art

 'Though commanded by humans, Federation patrol ships often employed Synths at helm control. But the 414 series became noteworthy by regularly including a third race... Egronga warriors. Their long range bio-sensing abilities seemed a natural fit.'


LL-414 in flight


We love those great big engines and marvel at the cockpit designs - both of them. Nnenn has found some wonderful trans-yellow parts (using glass paint - never one to shy away from a little modification where necessary). The purists might not like it, but we certainly do.

LL-414 Unloading

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