Galaxy Explorer

Arctic Explorer (Polaris II)

Here at Neo Classic Space central, we've always always enjoyed colour variations of classic sets, so we're delighted to see this version of one of our all time favourite sets, the 928 Galaxy Explorer in Starfleet Voyager colours.

Arctic Explorer by Jason Davies

Created by Jason Davies, it it is called Polaris II: Arctic Explorer, and has all the features of the original.

Arctic Explorer by Jason Davies

We know Jason is working on some really great Neo Classic Space models too, ane we're really looking forward to seeing them. Keep up the great work.

Arctic Explorer by Jason Davies

Day 31 Bonus: 497 Box Art

We're changing things around a little for the last day of our 30th anniversary celebration, posting a bonus first and making you wait for the main model of the day.

Pete Reid's LL-497 has been around for a little while, and can't be considered for the month long celebration as it wasn't specially built. However, a little collaboration with Stuart Crawshaw and me produced a rather beautiful piece of set box art.

497 Box Art

Stuart provided the landing pad, while the crater plate was mine. Pete added the rover and moonbase, as well as LL-497 that gives the set it's name. We wanted to get it as close as possible to the original 928 set box image. Pete says he took about 300 photos to try to get it all to look right, but I think the results are well worth it. Thanks to Ian Greig for fixing up my photo editing efforts.

How cute is this?!

Brickshelf user Compike comes up with the cutest little LL928 Galaxy Explorer ever.

Micro Galaxy Explorer

Check out the rest of the set here

LL-928 Galaxy Explorer (box art)

LL-928 Galaxy Explorer (box art)
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