LL-929 Star Fleet Infinitum

00 SF Infinitum
The designation LL929 was one of several that was strangely unused (or perhaps for used on a top secret test vehicle) during the time of 'classic' space exploration, almost thirty years later, after the fractioning of human space into the colonies we know today, the government of Earth commissioned this one of a kind custom vessel to make a very special delivery. A statue honouring those brave early explorers. Unfortunately the delivery was ambushed by a criminal organization Spyrius, The Insectoid Hive and the remnants of Blacktron all denied involvement. The Space Police volunteer pilot Lt. Pedersen, survived however and has vowed to track down the thieves and return the statue.
Builder Notes: 
First thanks to my boss Will Thorogood for permission to use the window and the statue (though once I'd built it how was he going to say no?), I think this is the first picture of the statue (that's not a sticker) to appear on line. It seemed fitting to all of us who worked on the new Space Police line to feature it at the culmination of this fantastic month of celebration! There have been some incredibly great MOCs featured here and others have appeared all over the internet fan sites, it's been fantastic to watch. Also look out for the summer issue of Brick Journal for some amazing insights into both the new Space Police line and the very origins of LEGO space itself in the 1970's!
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