Welcome to Neo Classic Space! This site is a tribute to LEGO's Classic Space era from 1979 to 1987.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our recent 30th anniversary celebration of LEGO Space.

Please note that unless otherwise stated, set box images are presented purely as a tribute to the great set boxes of classic space sets, and to not represent actual sets.

Day 30 Bonus: Microscale Heavy Gunship

We've covered Monkfish's microscale creations before, and we think his latest heavy gunship is another fantastic little ship.

Heavy Gunship

Great work getting so many different angles in such a small space. I hope you'll build this to minifig scale one day!

Day 30 Bonus: Launch Site

We've mentioned before that we like rockets at Neo Classic space, and Chris Pockster's launch site is no exception.

Launch Site


The design may be fairly simple, but the use of parts is quite excellent, particularly the fences for blast deflectors.

Chris has also built a really nice radar buggy. I'mvery fond of the mud-guard design, with echoes of the old 2x4 mudguard plates


Radar Rover

Keep up the grerat work, Chris (but don't expect us to make an exception for improper spacemen next time).

Day 30 Bonus: Lunar Utility Vehicle

Flickr user Deathdog has made a nice utility vehicle pulling an interesting trailer...

Lunar Utility Vehicle

I have no idea of the trailer's function, but it's certainly an interesting design.

Lunar Utility Vehicle with Trailer

Day 30 Bonus: LL-414 Support Gunship and LL-114 Short-range Interceptor

Matt Holland has built a nice little gunship.

LL-414 Gunship

The black and yellow stripe in slopes is a particularly nice touch. We also rather like Matt's interceptor, even if the colour of the cockpit is wrong.

LL-414 Support Gunship and LL-114 Short-range Interceptor

Day 30: LL-605 Marauder

As we near the end of our tour, we feel compelled to show you Peter Reid's latest ship, the LL-605 Marauder. Peter has really pushed the boat out on this one, offering a fantastic amount of detail.

LL-605 Marauder Box Art

LL-605 is a long-range tactical interceptor, designed for planetary surveillance and covert operations. Marauder performs admirably in a wide variety of atmospheres, as well as deep space.  

The ship is designed to keep its two-man crew comfortable over long periods of time, and has proved invaluable gathering data during the Ugokin conflict.

Marauder from rear

Day 29 Bonus: More Reimaginings

Another builder who has kept busy this month, DARKspawn has produced some fantastic tributes to classic sets.

885 Space Scooter Tribute

Pace Scooter (above) and Radar Truck (below).

889 Radar Truck Tribute

And rocket sled:

Rocket Sled

Finally an original space ship: "Smoke me a kipper, I'll be back for breakfast."

Smoke me a kipper!

Day 29 Bonus: NCS Rocket Transport

We can't get enough of big rockets and rocket transporters over here at NCS Central and Adrian Florea doesn't disappoint with his NCS Rocket Transport

The advancing Ugokin forces have forced peaceful colonies to adapt their strategies in defensive purposes. Many of the newly inhabited planets have used their existing equipment to counter the threat. In one such case, backwater forces on Verta 6 of 8th quadrant, have modified existing missile carriers, which would normally be equipped with terraforming rockets. The newly improvised vehicle was a medium sized missile carrier able to launch cluster missiles.

"Although I too was Inspired by the old rocket transport set, " Adrian writes, "I took a different approach than what Brickfrenzy built. I couldn't stop myself from adding stickers, and I have barely any old gray parts."

We think you'll agree that what Adrian has achieved with just a few old grey parts is impressive.

Day 29: LL-998 – The Sapphire Condor.

This immense ship from Ed Diment certainly ensures he lives up to his online handle of "LEGO Monster".  LL-998 is massive, heavy and incredibly detailed from top to bottom, and it contains a surprise for anyone foolish enough to engage it in battle as this video will attest.




Motto: ‘Making your bad day worse.’

“When you absolutely, positively have to drop on to a hot LZ, accept no substitute” – The words of Brigadier General Knackerjacker after his successful campaign to have the Federation Raptor assault ships reinstated to full service with the fleet.  The LL998s (Ultramarine Osprey, Prussian Eagle and Sapphire Condor) were moth-balled nearly a decade before the Ugokin threat materialized.  Replaced by smaller more efficient military transports with dedicated fighter support, the Raptors were considered too expensive to maintain.

Day 28 bonus: Blue Haven

It's funny how one day a small prospecting outpost can suddenly hit a rare mineral, and before you know it a busy mining settlement has sprung up. That certainly seems to be the case with Alexander Schranz's Blue Haven.

Blue Haven

What's particularly impressivbe is the time he built it in - everything has been built since the beginning of March.

Blue Haven

Alex has produced a fantastic collection of ships, vehicles, buildings, and even a monorail. Many of the components would be very worthy of individual mention, and as a collection they are doubly impressive. We also really love his brick-built Classic Space logo.

Blue Haven Ships

Keep up the great work, Alex!

Day 28 Bonus: Grand Admiral's Mini Fighter

Small fighters have proved invaluable for deploying from carriers, and Mark Sandlin's mini-fighter is no exception.

Mini Fighter

We really love the double canopy, and the "ring of fire" parts are fantastic for this ship's engines. Mark has even managed to cram in a great little set of landing gear.

Mini Fighter Landed