Ed Diment

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Ed Diment

Ed is well known as Lego Monster, builder of all things big.  Ed started building with Lego at the age of 2 and never really stopped.  He had more of a ‘grey age’ than a dark age, continuing to build all the while but not buying Lego until the Star Wars range (as with many AFOLs) got him back into the habit.

Being born in 1972 Ed was weaned on the original Classic Space sets as a child.  Ed has worked collaboratively with many UK AFOLs, particularly in the Neo Classic Space theme.

Ed lives in Hampshire England with his wife Annie, whose sigfig appears in some of Ed’s Neo Classic Space work, and their three cats.



Mr. Monster,

I saw this pic of you holding that enormous ship...I saw it earlier images section, and told myself, "Wow, thats big.".
Fast forward to this pic, and getting an actual sense of scale? Damn. I'm usually a Townie builder, but seeing the work here has really turned me around. Thanks for putting up the fantastic work!


LL-998 – The Sapphire Condor

do you want to sell the LL-998 – The Sapphire Condor???


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Models by Ed Diment