LL-605 Marauder

LL-605 Box Art

LL-605 is a long-range tactical interceptor, designed for planetary surveillance and covert operations. Marauder performs admirably in a wide variety of atmospheres, as well as deep space.  

The ship is designed to keep its two-man crew comfortable over long periods of time, and has proved invaluable gathering intelligence during the Ugokin conflict.

Builder Notes: 

LL-605 almost didn’t exist. The ship started out as a rough work-in-progress which, when posted on Flickr, recieved a suprising amount of positive praise. My good friend (and fellow Spacer) Doctor Sinister actually threatened to kill me if I didn’t finish it, so I gave the ship some attention.

I spent around fourteen hours stripping everything off the sketch model, and replacing it with better things. I bought five copies of a new racer set, so I could get hold of a decent number of blue 1x4 curved slopes. A lot of time was spent making sure everything looked cool. 

I had a good time greebling LL-605, and may have reached a new level of underside detail with this one. Hinge tops and certain brackets can almost be used as ‘anti-tiles’ - giving a very pleasing effect down there.

Marauder is the sturdiest Neo-Classic Space ship I’ve built so far. All the internals and structure points are reinforced, to prevent embarrassing incidents at public events. She's definitely a ship for swooshing.

Thanks to Ian for the photo editing.

Active Service



You're efforts have really paid of with this one. The wing shape is perfect, greebling is beyond words frankly.

They should rip the mona lisa out of the Louvre and put this in its place.

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