A Maelstrom in Micro

Tim Goddard has been kept busy building in microscale, building across lots of space themes, including some rather gorgeous Neo Classic Space models.


Tim has shown his mastery of the scale, crafting ships that contain more datail than many larger scaled vessels.

His Maelstrom is one of the finest microscale ships I've seen in any theme, and when I saw the thumbtail I really thought it had to be a larger scale.


Taking things to another level, Tim has created a fantastic diroama crossing several themes, but including a big chunk of classic space alongside Futuron, Space Police and Blacktron. Make sure you check out the gallery and have a look at the underground hanger containing a classic space monorail.

Space Diarama

The force is with microscale

Microscale is proving very popular among classic space builders, and it's not hard to see why. It forces minimalism and clean design, while creating opportunities for creativity. Parts that are largely insignificant at a larger scale have the opportunity to become the main feature of a model.

Micro-scale X-Wing by 2x4

Take 2x4's Neo Classic Space X-Wing. On the surface it is incredibly simple, yet it packs an uncanny amount of detail into its clean lines. We love the giant wing-mounted guns and the droid behind the cockpit.

Micro-scale X-Wing by 2x4

I hope we'll see more Neo Classic Space from this talented builder soon.

Pete Reid goes Micro

We've already featured a number of excellent microscale models. Now our own Pete Reid has got the bug, and has been producing some utterly amazing work at a tiny scale.

Neo-Classic (micro) Space

Pete has always been a genius at cramming an incredible amount of parts into a small space, and has clearly been applying some of his robot-building techniques.


Best of all is LL-237, a bit of a micro-scale monster - we love the sinister looking neck vertibrae, making the ship look almost organic.


Day 30 Bonus: Microscale Heavy Gunship

We've covered Monkfish's microscale creations before, and we think his latest heavy gunship is another fantastic little ship.

Heavy Gunship

Great work getting so many different angles in such a small space. I hope you'll build this to minifig scale one day!

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