Day 30 Bonus: Launch Site

We've mentioned before that we like rockets at Neo Classic space, and Chris Pockster's launch site is no exception.

Launch Site


The design may be fairly simple, but the use of parts is quite excellent, particularly the fences for blast deflectors.

Chris has also built a really nice radar buggy. I'mvery fond of the mud-guard design, with echoes of the old 2x4 mudguard plates


Radar Rover

Keep up the grerat work, Chris (but don't expect us to make an exception for improper spacemen next time).

Day 18: Mobile Intergalactic Rocket Command

Continuing our journey through Federation space, we come to Adrian Drake's Mobile Intergalactic Rocket Command, a key piece of infrustructure for new colonies that need to get a lot of infrastructure into orbit, but don't have the resources in place to set up a more permanent rocket base.

Mobile Intergalactic Rocket Command

The MIRC, or Mobile Intergalactic Rocket Command, and its crew of 6 are tasked to go anywhere and launch anything at any time.  With a sealed cockpit and double airlock, the crewmembers can come and go with ease and are not saddled by cumbersome air tanks and helmets while at launch controls.  The balloon tires and suspension system guarantee clearance over any obstacle.

Ready to launch!

Day 12 Bonus: Little and Large Interceptors

Thomas Öchsner has found an unusual and interesting shape for his interceptors.

LL-912 and LL-909

 Both are loaded with dangerous missiles and look ready for a fight.

Loading missiles.

Thomas has also come up with a very interesting design for his missile loader. The operater looks a bit nervous though!

Missile loader


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