Day 30 Bonus: Lunar Utility Vehicle

Flickr user Deathdog has made a nice utility vehicle pulling an interesting trailer...

Lunar Utility Vehicle

I have no idea of the trailer's function, but it's certainly an interesting design.

Lunar Utility Vehicle with Trailer


The trailer explained (sort of)

The cargo pod is for perishable food or other supplies needed at a research or military outpost. Most pods contain an emergency pack of oxygen, food, and water capable of sustaining life for up to 48 hours. This is the two-ton version, but a 12-ton pod could be retro-fitted to serve as a small temporary research station.

Correction: This is the 5-ton pod

Here's the real scoop on this creation -- I was unable to access my notes when I made the previous post:

The ion-drive LUV is shown towing a cargo POD for one of the BASA (Brickton Aeronautics and Space Administration) research stations on the moon.
The LUV is a versatile vehicle, capable of towing an 11 lunar ton load up a 28 degree grade without loss of power. When not towing, the LUV can hit a top speed of 85 mph (although the cloud of lunar dust created at top speed creates havoc for anyone following it)
The POD shown is a 5-ton model used for storing perishable food items. It contains a full emergency kit with solar-powered transmitter, oxygen, and the home version of "Wheel of Fortune."

The Bison Mobile Research Lab

Inspired by the LUV and its trailer, I created the Bison Mobile Research Lab. Here's the link to my MOCpage folder:
This is more along the lines of what I envisioned when I built the LUV, but I've very happy with both of them!

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