Lego Monster

Day 29: LL-998 – The Sapphire Condor.

This immense ship from Ed Diment certainly ensures he lives up to his online handle of "LEGO Monster".  LL-998 is massive, heavy and incredibly detailed from top to bottom, and it contains a surprise for anyone foolish enough to engage it in battle as this video will attest.




Motto: ‘Making your bad day worse.’

“When you absolutely, positively have to drop on to a hot LZ, accept no substitute” – The words of Brigadier General Knackerjacker after his successful campaign to have the Federation Raptor assault ships reinstated to full service with the fleet.  The LL998s (Ultramarine Osprey, Prussian Eagle and Sapphire Condor) were moth-balled nearly a decade before the Ugokin threat materialized.  Replaced by smaller more efficient military transports with dedicated fighter support, the Raptors were considered too expensive to maintain.

Classic Space crew on parade

It looks like the Classic Space Federation are getteng ready for something big. Across the federation, crews are shining up their best uniforms, polishing equipment and makingselves look their best. Some had been suggesting that the federation was on it's way out, but no more.

Captain Armstrong's crew stand proudly to attention before boarding their ship. The excitement mounts across the federation.

Thanks for Ed Diment for his photo of the proud crew.

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