ncs rocket transport

Day 29 Bonus: NCS Rocket Transport

We can't get enough of big rockets and rocket transporters over here at NCS Central and Adrian Florea doesn't disappoint with his NCS Rocket Transport

The advancing Ugokin forces have forced peaceful colonies to adapt their strategies in defensive purposes. Many of the newly inhabited planets have used their existing equipment to counter the threat. In one such case, backwater forces on Verta 6 of 8th quadrant, have modified existing missile carriers, which would normally be equipped with terraforming rockets. The newly improvised vehicle was a medium sized missile carrier able to launch cluster missiles.

"Although I too was Inspired by the old rocket transport set, " Adrian writes, "I took a different approach than what Brickfrenzy built. I couldn't stop myself from adding stickers, and I have barely any old gray parts."

We think you'll agree that what Adrian has achieved with just a few old grey parts is impressive.

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