Day 14: LL-560 "Seraph" Heavy Interceptor

Today we continue our adventure in Classic Space  with one of the Federations's finest fighters, the LL-560 Seraph by Peter L Morris.

LL-560 Sereph

The Seraph is a heavy fighter built for fleet defense and attack operations. It features two heavy plasma cannons and two short range photon rifles. The cockpit is well armored, though visibilty is poor. Many pilots initially complain about the tunnel-vision effect, but they quickly fall in love with the overwhelming firepower and superb maneuverability.

A sereph landed

Few Seraphs are in service, however, due to their extreme cost and high maintenance requirements.

LL-560 Behind

Day 13 Bonus: Supporting the Troops

When you're on the ground facing the enemy, it's important to know you've got support.  Nnenn's troop support sled really comes in handy...

Troop Support Sled box art

The 654th Reserve survived because they had mobilized a TSS (old converted cargo platforms) for M2 recurrency training. But the captured drone confirmed that the Ugokin have a biological neuron network running symbiotically throughout a hardware frame. 

Troop Support Sled

However, when the going gets tough, it's nice to know that you can call in air support in the form of the LL-771 support gunship.

LL-771 Support Gunship


 Thanks to the Fobulyin Treatise, the LL-771 benefits from both Jeeru-Kon levitation design and regenerative technology... giving it an almost unlimited supply of ammunition for its role in continuous close-ground support.

Day 13: Don't hang about on Friday the 13th

The men and women of the Classic Space Federation have good reason to be nervous on Friday the 13th as Andrew Becraft demonstrates with his 997 rover.

997 on moon

The LL-997 "Craterbuster" Rover serves as the day-to-day mapping and scientific research vehicle for the permanent human settlement on Earth's moon. Thanks to its paired micro-reactor generators, it can achieve speeds up to 74 miles per hour with power enough to climb inclines of up to 45 degrees. Cargo room in the rear of the rover includes a collapsable shelter, water, and food, enabling lunar researchers to remain afield for up to three days.

997 with 886


The addition of explosive canisters on LL-997's front bumper enables scientists to take out roving space zombies with impunity.

997 vs Zombie


Day 12 Bonus: Little and Large Interceptors

Thomas Öchsner has found an unusual and interesting shape for his interceptors.

LL-912 and LL-909

 Both are loaded with dangerous missiles and look ready for a fight.

Loading missiles.

Thomas has also come up with a very interesting design for his missile loader. The operater looks a bit nervous though!

Missile loader


Day 12: LL-101 Predator

Today we feel the need for speed with Jeremy Todd's LL-101 Predator.

LL-101 Box Art

When Deep-Space Marine Boon Conray disappeared while flying missions in the Cressida Nebulonic cloud, he was presumed dead. Boon returned after many years a changed man, scarred by deceit and greed. Conray brought with him, from the brink, a technology he wasn't prepared to share with just anyone... especially the Space Federation. Boon's new technology gave already swift ships an unearthly boost. Within a year of his return, every pirate from Galalagos to Mythephony had their very own “BoonBeam” drive. Even the fastest Federation ships were being left in the stardust.

LL-101 with steps

Day 11 Bonus: Deep Communications Station and Launch Apparatus

Flickr user Yokomode has built some beautiful little microscale models.

Deep Communications Station and Launch Apparatus

The communications station looks like it must have an impressive range...

Deep Communications Station

 And the launch apparatus has such wonderful detailing.

Launch Apparatus

Day 11: LL-892 Skimmer

Spacemen need to get about their bases, and for shorter journeysthe larger ships are just too cumbersome. That's where smaller skipmmers like Ian Greig's LL-892 come into their own.

The prototype for what became the LL-892 skimmer was originally developed in response to Staff Requirement SR-10317, which specified the need for a high performance aerial patrol vehicle codenamed 'Security Patrol/Light Aero - Next Generation' (SP/LA-NG) to replace the LL-885p, the patrol variant of the venerable Space Scooter. One of the main deficiencies of the Space Scooter was its limited range and its inability to operate in even the thinnest of atmospheres. SP/LA-NG was to incorporate a new mixed-mode engine that was able to operate equally well in either vacuum or thin atmosphere.

LL-892 Box Art

Day 10 Nnenn Bonus: Heavy Interceptor

I promise I'll try not to post more than one bonus entry per day, but today I just couldn't decide which to pick, so here's a bonus bonus from that most prolific builder, Nnenn.

Heavy Interceptor and Ugokin Gunboat

Federation xenopologists now understand that initial conflicts might have been avoided if military personal were never exposed to the subliminal indoctrination of assumed superiority during training. But the Ugokin are still unintelligible, so who knows... 

Heavy Interceptor

Day 10 Bonus: Buck Rogers in the Classic Space Federation

Some things shouldn't go together, and until today I would have said Buck Rogers and Classic Space were two of those things. Then I saw Shannon Ocean's take on Buck's starship, and it fit's the classic space colour scheme so perfectly.

Buck Rodgers' starship

However I refuse to believe that any self respecting Classic Spaceman ever wore spandex!

Day 10: LL-666 Terrorhawk

The federation has always maintained that its objectives are peaceful exploration and co-operation, but then the most heavily armed forces often do. If that's the case, one of the most peaceful ships is Carl Greatrix's LL-666 Terrorhawk. Of course the trail of wrecked ships it leaves in its wake are pretty peaceful too...

LL-666 in orbit

Neoclasspacishuzimo were comissioned to create a desperately awaited fleat of long range ground attack interceptor / bombers. The Neoclasspacishuzimo "Devil Hawk" being their most succesful result amongst other battle proven designs in their "Bird of Prey class". LL-666 is THE battle hardened ship, dominant in all theatres of war, even ones it was not designed for and wears its number of the beast with pride, many expected due to the normaly ill-fated number for it to fail miserably.

LL-666 Box Art

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