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Day 10: LL-666 Terrorhawk

The federation has always maintained that its objectives are peaceful exploration and co-operation, but then the most heavily armed forces often do. If that's the case, one of the most peaceful ships is Carl Greatrix's LL-666 Terrorhawk. Of course the trail of wrecked ships it leaves in its wake are pretty peaceful too...

LL-666 in orbit

Neoclasspacishuzimo were comissioned to create a desperately awaited fleat of long range ground attack interceptor / bombers. The Neoclasspacishuzimo "Devil Hawk" being their most succesful result amongst other battle proven designs in their "Bird of Prey class". LL-666 is THE battle hardened ship, dominant in all theatres of war, even ones it was not designed for and wears its number of the beast with pride, many expected due to the normaly ill-fated number for it to fail miserably.

LL-666 Box Art

Carl has this to say about the build: The most important thing to this build for me was not to buy any parts for it! I had to use ONLY what I had in my limited supply of old grey and blue stockpile. Hence the maybe bizarre shape of certain parts of this ship, but I'm quite happy with the result. ts possibly the most intertwined build I have ever produced, almost every part is SNOT one way outside, other way inside, half plate thicknesses, quarter stud offsets, it certainly had me bashing the grey matter but loved every minute of it. It started off with an idea in my head from an old book I used to have, and ended up a million miles away from it.....ah well eh!! 

LL-666 Landed

We love the awesome landing gear and all the vents. There are some particularly unusual parts in there. We particularly love how he's done the nose.


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