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Day 13: Don't hang about on Friday the 13th

The men and women of the Classic Space Federation have good reason to be nervous on Friday the 13th as Andrew Becraft demonstrates with his 997 rover.

997 on moon

The LL-997 "Craterbuster" Rover serves as the day-to-day mapping and scientific research vehicle for the permanent human settlement on Earth's moon. Thanks to its paired micro-reactor generators, it can achieve speeds up to 74 miles per hour with power enough to climb inclines of up to 45 degrees. Cargo room in the rear of the rover includes a collapsable shelter, water, and food, enabling lunar researchers to remain afield for up to three days.

997 with 886


The addition of explosive canisters on LL-997's front bumper enables scientists to take out roving space zombies with impunity.

997 vs Zombie


Its top speed is put to the test, however, when the Craterbuster encounters a mysterious winged cephalopod...

997 escapes Cthulhu


Andrew describes the build: The "Craterbuster" rover is an homage to my favorite Classic Space LEGO set, 886 Space Buggy. The parts for 886 were common enough and the design so simple that I had a fleet of variations rolling around the massive spaceport that covered my bedroom floor. For LL-997, I tried to reproduce the design of 886 as faithfully as I could, from the pair of tanks on the front to the antenna and slope (complete with two "studs") on the back.


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