Day 24 Bonus: Deep Space Transceiver

As a bonus for good behaviour, we're allowed a brief visit to the Federation's SETI institute, thanks to Louise Dade.

The Federation S.E.T.I. Institute has been scanning deep space for signs of extra-terrestrial life and sending out their own signals since the mid-20th Century. Quite what they plan to do if they find anything hasn't been discussed. Not in public, anyway.

Deep Space Transceiver

This dish (inspired by OptimalControl's) has an old-style 9v motor built into it (see it working) - which needed gearing down. A micromotor might have been better, but I didn't have a spare one. 

Day 13 Bonus: Supporting the Troops

When you're on the ground facing the enemy, it's important to know you've got support.  Nnenn's troop support sled really comes in handy...

Troop Support Sled box art

The 654th Reserve survived because they had mobilized a TSS (old converted cargo platforms) for M2 recurrency training. But the captured drone confirmed that the Ugokin have a biological neuron network running symbiotically throughout a hardware frame. 

Troop Support Sled

However, when the going gets tough, it's nice to know that you can call in air support in the form of the LL-771 support gunship.

LL-771 Support Gunship


 Thanks to the Fobulyin Treatise, the LL-771 benefits from both Jeeru-Kon levitation design and regenerative technology... giving it an almost unlimited supply of ammunition for its role in continuous close-ground support.

Day 10 Bonus: Buck Rogers in the Classic Space Federation

Some things shouldn't go together, and until today I would have said Buck Rogers and Classic Space were two of those things. Then I saw Shannon Ocean's take on Buck's starship, and it fit's the classic space colour scheme so perfectly.

Buck Rodgers' starship

However I refuse to believe that any self respecting Classic Spaceman ever wore spandex!

Day 9 Bonus: LL-938 Supply Ship

We're not promising to have a bonus every day, but you never know! Right now there are so many great classic space themed models appearing the web that it's getting hard to choose which ones to feature! I challenge you all to keep me making hard choices.

Today was no contest, however. We just couldn't leave out Mark Kupietz (Serrater)'s LL-938 Supply Ship.

LL-938 Supply Ship

This model has it all - great part usage, fantastic design and a wild case of runaway greebles! If you don't recognise the canopy, it's the part that led to Pete Reid building his blue canary, without which we'd never have started off on this wild adventure in the first place. It's actually from a Duplo set. Well done for cramming two of them in!

LL-938 unloads its cargo

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