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Day 12: LL-101 Predator

Today we feel the need for speed with Jeremy Todd's LL-101 Predator.

LL-101 Box Art

When Deep-Space Marine Boon Conray disappeared while flying missions in the Cressida Nebulonic cloud, he was presumed dead. Boon returned after many years a changed man, scarred by deceit and greed. Conray brought with him, from the brink, a technology he wasn't prepared to share with just anyone... especially the Space Federation. Boon's new technology gave already swift ships an unearthly boost. Within a year of his return, every pirate from Galalagos to Mythephony had their very own “BoonBeam” drive. Even the fastest Federation ships were being left in the stardust.

LL-101 with steps

In response, the Federation turned to the slightly mad rocket scientist, Belray Kanoose who was, often illegally, revolutionizing warp technology. In exchange for immunity, Kanoose developed the Plasmagraphic Uberwarpification Engine. The Federation installed the first Uberwarps in a prototype vessel and reluctantly named her the “Kanoose Laser” for her maiden voyage. They reclassified it as the LL-101 Predator only a month later.

LL-101 top and bottom

The Federation was finally able to chase down and apprehend so many of the BoonBeam pirates who had plagued them for three dark years. However, Conray was never caught. It is rumored that he piloted his trademark black and gold ship to a distant, uncharted galaxy to build an army. Of course, this is purely speculation.

LL-101 on the hunt for pirates

Jeremy has this to say about the LL-101, "There aren't too many super clever building techniques in this model. However, the studs forward and studs back core-construction at the center of the fuselage provided some great benefits while cursing me with some interesting problems. There are several places where two “female” sides of a plate or brick must butt together...with no connection save whim to speak of. Sadly, swooshability suffered as a result. All in all, however, I am very happy with the overall look. Though the profile isn't the most interesting, I feel that the classic space lines were preserved."


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