Peter L Morris

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Peter L Morris

My first Lego set was 6861 X-1 Patrol Craft, a Classic Space set if ever there was one. It didn't take long to develop a love for the brick. I entered a 'dark age' in the early 90s when my parents moved to a smaller house and shipped my collection to my cousins in Florida. After graduating college in 2000, I started buying the Star Wars sets to keep on my desk. Like a lot of other AFOLs, I was attracted to them because they combined two of my most favorite things from childhood.

I really got involved in the AFOL community as a lurker in 2004 when I discovered Brickshelf, LUGNet, and later the Classic Space Forum. I learned a lot just by looking at other builders, and I realized how awful my own creations were. I finally broke out into the open on the Classic Space Forum with the SF-92 Hurricane.

It's been a lot of fun building and sharing with others. I'm about to enter a new phase of my life, though, and will have less time for the brick. My daughter Zoe will be born near the end of April, and that's going to change everything. Fortunately, it seems that children and Lego aren't mutually exclusive, as lots of AFOLs still find time to build - albeit at a much slower pace.

Peter's models can be found on Brickshelf and Flickr.


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