30 years

Day 18: Mobile Intergalactic Rocket Command

Continuing our journey through Federation space, we come to Adrian Drake's Mobile Intergalactic Rocket Command, a key piece of infrustructure for new colonies that need to get a lot of infrastructure into orbit, but don't have the resources in place to set up a more permanent rocket base.

Mobile Intergalactic Rocket Command

The MIRC, or Mobile Intergalactic Rocket Command, and its crew of 6 are tasked to go anywhere and launch anything at any time.  With a sealed cockpit and double airlock, the crewmembers can come and go with ease and are not saddled by cumbersome air tanks and helmets while at launch controls.  The balloon tires and suspension system guarantee clearance over any obstacle.

Ready to launch!

Day 17 Bonus: Moonmech

Some of the Federation's vehicles have some pretty strange poser sources, but clockwork? This Moonmech by Shannon Spoule was announced along with other efforts to save power.


However, it has largely been dismissed as a publicity stunt, and for some reason the spacemen's union have claimed it doesn't meet health and safety standards.

Powering Up?

Day 17: Starbase LL-059

As we all know, Space isn't all flying around in cool ships and destroying Aliens. Somebody HAS to do some work, and Rhys Knight introduces us to just the place for it.

Starbase LL-059 is a deep space 'way station' a sort of intergalactic rest stop, providing weary travellers a place to refuel there ships and them selves. They are also deep space monitoring stations, searching the spacelanes for any threat from asteroids, space junk and even invasion!

Starbase LL-059 Deep Space Station

They are formed from a central core, constructed in space dock. with additional mission specific upgrade 'pods'. LL-059 currently has three 'habitation' pods and a refueling pod, and will be expanded in the next few years to accomodate larger habitation and better defences.

LL-059 Back

Day 16 Bonus: Defending against the Alien Horde

With the Ugokin threat mounting on Federation borders, something needed to be done to beef up defences. The RTN-44 Missile Jeep was just one of a series of measuers to assure colonists that they would be protected.

RTN-44 Missile Jeep

When the Ugokin Devastators appear on the horizon, they proved to be the only effective defense.

Ugokin Devastator and Missile Jeep

Day 16 Bonus: A sweet little CS Speeder

Sometimes cool things happen when a new twist is added to an existing design.

Doug Idle's Classic Space ScooterDoug Idle has done just that with his Classic Space Speeders based upon an earlier design by Flickr user 'Jay (see here), which in turn is based upon an even earlier design by Nick Kappatos (pictured in Keith Goldman's Brickshelf folder).

I think they are an adorable way for our spacemen to hop around their base. It also looks like great fun - I want a real one!

Day 16: LL-700 Cosmic Explorer

Although some criticise the Classic Space Federation for being too militaristic, its leaders insist its primary goals are peaceful co-operation and exploration. At the forefront of exploration missions is Chris Giddins' LL-700 Cosmic Explorer.

LL-700 Box Art

The LL-700 Cosmic Explorer is a long range exploration vessel carrying science teams, equipment and supplies to the outermost rim of space exploration.  Equipped with 2 heavy Quantumcore Drives, the 700CE is fast and nimble for it's size.  Even though it is designed as a science vessel, the CE can be used for cargo runs, military resupply, and troop deployment.  The LL-702 Lunar Defender was specifically designed to be transported in the 700CE-s cargo bay standard.

Cosmic Explorer

Day 15 Bonus: LL-259 Training Craft and Squinklorian Squid

The Squinklorians didn't appear on the surface to be Federation material, but they persevered in their application and were eventually admitted, and have contributed enthuastically to all aspects of Federation culture.

LL-259 Training Craft

Few make it through the academy without experiencing a Squinklorian LL-259 Training Craft, though as the Squinklorian are considerably smaller than most Federation species, fewer still find it an enjoyable part of their training, and curse Spacey11 for introducing it.

Squinklorian Squid

Day 15 Bonus: Take me to your Leader!

First Contact is always a tricky. The slightest wrong move or cultural misunderstanding can trigger unforgivable insult and lead to generations of bloody war. Fortunately the Classic Space Academy teaches its graduates how to handle such situations, as Stuart Crawshaw demonstrates.

We come in pieces

Day 15: L.U.R.C.H.

Today we retreat to a quiet backwater of the Federation, where no harm could possibly befall us, for some quiet research with Ralph Savelsberg's L.U.R.C.H. and mobile lab.



Having anti-gravity technology and flying around‭ ‬at relativistic velocities can be a lot of fun,‭ ‬of course,‭ ‬but sometimes you just have to move something large and heavy across the surface of a planet.‭ ‬In that case,‭ ‬a wheeled vehicle is still the way to go.‭ ‬The‭ ‬Federation’s‭ ‬standard vehicle for this kind of task is called L.U.R.C.H.,‭ ‬which stands for Large‭ ‬Ultra-Rugged Cargo Hauler.‭ ‬That name‭ ‬pretty much covers it.‭ ‬Rather than going for a high-tech option,‭ ‬this‭ ‬vehicle‭ ‬was built using old-fashioned but highly dependable technology.‭ ‬It has to be rugged.‭ ‬Where this thing goes,‭ ‬there is no breakdown service.‭ ‬There is no‭ ‬road either.‭ ‬In fact,‭ ‬other than a lot of dirt and the occasional scenic view,‭ ‬there generally isn't much of anything.‭

Don't mess with L.U.R.C.H.

Day 14 Bonus: LL-702 Lunar Defender

Chris Giddins has built a lovely little box fighter. Inspired by Sir Bugge and Mark Sandlin, it folds up neatly for easy storage.

LL-702 Lunar Defender


I love the way in flight mode it's almost impossible the ship came from a box. 

Folded LL-702


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