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Day 16 Bonus: A sweet little CS Speeder

Sometimes cool things happen when a new twist is added to an existing design.

Doug Idle's Classic Space ScooterDoug Idle has done just that with his Classic Space Speeders based upon an earlier design by Flickr user 'Jay (see here), which in turn is based upon an even earlier design by Nick Kappatos (pictured in Keith Goldman's Brickshelf folder).

I think they are an adorable way for our spacemen to hop around their base. It also looks like great fun - I want a real one!

Day 16: Bonus - An oldie, but a goodie!

Many of you may have seen the following awsome creation before, but I have to say, no rundown of Neo-Classic Space would be complete without this beauty:

Classic Space Shuttle

The creation is by Bram Lambrecht, who is pretty well know within the Lego-building community.  It has a lovely working arrangement for the under-carriage and some clever technic arrangement within the wings.  The beautiful 'snot' Classic Space logo has to be seen to be believed.

There's a bunch more nice pictures on Bram's site here.

Nice work then and still nice work now!

A Mysterious Artifact...

A crack team of spacemen under the command of Admiral James Shields has unearthed a mysterious object on the lunar surface.  What can it mean?

Perhaps this official transcript of the radio communications will help...

"So what do you think it is, guys?"
"I dunno... some kinda alien monolith?"
"Well, obviously it's an alien monolith. I mean I know an alien monolith when I see one, but what's it doing here?"
"Or maybe it could be a skyscraper for tiny aliens."
"Hey boss, aren't we supposed to have a sudden revelation that will take us to the next level in our development?"

Dr. S.

Celebrating 30 Years of Classic Space

March 2009 sees the 30th anniversary of the original Classic Space sets from LEGO. Now, three decades on, it’s time for a celebration of spacey goodness at

Neo Classic Space Banner

Neo-Classic Space is a reimagining of the LEGO Classic Space range, using modern building techniques and parts. More than just inspired by the Classic Space sets, Neo-Classic Space is an extrapolation of the line into the 21st century and beyond. We aim to follow a carefully thought standard, which we feel is in keeping with the original designs.

The culmination of a top-secret project planned over many months, will present a new model every day throughout March, many from builders you already know and love, some from new talent you may not have discovered.

This is only the beginning. It is time to retake space. We hope you'll come along for the ride!

Space Police remember their Roots

Lego space has a long and colourful history, so it's good to see it remembered in the newest incarnation, Space Police (technically the third incarnation of Space Police), recently announced at the New York Toy Show.

Of particular interest is this statue, which one of the crooks has nicked from outside city hall...

S[ace Police Statue

The inscription reads, "IN-ANNOS-TRIGINTA-AD-CAELUM-INFINITUM-CONSTRUXIT", which is Latin for Three Decades of Building in the Infinite Heavens.

Which you will soon see is particularly apt.

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