LL-700 Cosmic Explorer


The LL-700 Cosmic Explorer is a long range exploration vessel carrying science teams, equipment and supplies to the outermost rim of space exploration.  Equipped with 2 heavy Quantumcore Drives, the 700CE is fast and nimble for it's size.  Even though it is designed as a science vessel, the CE can be used for cargo runs, military resupply, and troop deployment.  The LL-702 Lunar Defender was specifically designed to be transported in the 700CE-s cargo bay standard.

Builder Notes: 

This was built during "the great flu" of 2009.  I had a week off work, certainly not feeling well, but had a big build to take my mind off of it.  I had no plan, except for the cockpit to be used.  I built a CS ship many years ago with the same general bridge design, but much different overall.  It's been fun building this, and has me wanting to build some more NCS stuff even after the month is through.

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