Chris Giddins

Day 16: LL-700 Cosmic Explorer

Although some criticise the Classic Space Federation for being too militaristic, its leaders insist its primary goals are peaceful co-operation and exploration. At the forefront of exploration missions is Chris Giddins' LL-700 Cosmic Explorer.

LL-700 Box Art

The LL-700 Cosmic Explorer is a long range exploration vessel carrying science teams, equipment and supplies to the outermost rim of space exploration.  Equipped with 2 heavy Quantumcore Drives, the 700CE is fast and nimble for it's size.  Even though it is designed as a science vessel, the CE can be used for cargo runs, military resupply, and troop deployment.  The LL-702 Lunar Defender was specifically designed to be transported in the 700CE-s cargo bay standard.

Cosmic Explorer

Day 14 Bonus: LL-702 Lunar Defender

Chris Giddins has built a lovely little box fighter. Inspired by Sir Bugge and Mark Sandlin, it folds up neatly for easy storage.

LL-702 Lunar Defender


I love the way in flight mode it's almost impossible the ship came from a box. 

Folded LL-702


Chris Giddins' Centaur goes Fazoom!

Larger ships can have a tendency to look ugly, often taking on the appearance of a skyscraper with pointy bit attached. Not so with Chris Giddins' LL-72 Centaur.

LL-72 Centaur

The smooth lines and beautiful curves are exquisite, and check out all the detailing. The fact it has a well worked out interior is a bonus.

We look forward to seeing future work from Chris.

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