LL-059 Deep Space Station

Starbase LL-059

Starbase LL-059 is a deep space 'way station' a sort of intergalactic rest stop, providing weary travellers a place to refuel there ships and them selves. They are also deep space monitoring stations, searching the spacelanes for any threat from asteroids, space junk and even invasion!

They are formed from a central core, constructed in space dock. with additional mission specific upgrade 'pods'. LL-059 currently has three 'habitation' pods and a refueling pod, and will be expanded in the next few years to accomodate larger habitation and better defences.

Builder Notes: 

I am not the most productive of builders, but having a deadline like this really made me pull my finger out ! I have had the blue 'Arctic' Panels for about 4 years, but never really new what to do with them. When the discussions for Neo - Classic space were happening, it was then that I decided on a Space Station, as I though that there would be lots of ships and ground vehicles.

This was about 10 hours of build time, over the space of 1 month, so not bad for me. I think that I stuck to the Neo - Classic rules quite well, apart from the Trans Blue in the panels, but they were never available in Trans yellow. Eventually this baby will have a detailed interior.

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