Space Crane (winch end)

Space Crane (winch end)The business end of the Space Crane.

Space Crane (complete)

Space Crane (complete)The complete space crane

Space Crane

And I'm the third person to post in this blog!

Space Crane I present my "Space  Crane", which is a crane... in space!  It was inspired by a simple crane in an old Legoland Idea Book.

Photos of the crane can be found in my Flickr album.

The winch mechanism is motorised with a micromotor, and is strong enough to lift some of the smaller craft (I haven't tried it with larger ones) .  I think this is more of a repair and pick-up truck, actually.

The front tow-cab detatches and I plan to make other vehicles for the rear end, such as a personnel carrier and a mobile science station.

Louise (Tranquility)

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