Day 1: LL-414 Deep Space Perimeter Patrol Ship

We kick off our exploration of the universe of Neo Classic Space with Nnenn's Deep Space Perimeter Patrol Ship...

LL-414 Box Art

 'Though commanded by humans, Federation patrol ships often employed Synths at helm control. But the 414 series became noteworthy by regularly including a third race... Egronga warriors. Their long range bio-sensing abilities seemed a natural fit.'


LL-414 in flight


We love those great big engines and marvel at the cockpit designs - both of them. Nnenn has found some wonderful trans-yellow parts (using glass paint - never one to shy away from a little modification where necessary). The purists might not like it, but we certainly do.

LL-414 Unloading



Awesome, I'm gobsmacked.  The cylindrical hull is brilliant, as are those main engines - great stuff.

 Dr. S.

Totally awesome!

It's so smooth and round and lovely. I like the duel cockpit design, the big throbbing engines and the accompanying ground vehicles.

A very tough act to follow!


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