LL-414 Deep Space Perimeter Patrol Ship

LL-414 Deep Space Perimeter Patrol Ship
Though commanded by humans, Federation patrol ships often employed Synths at helm control. But the 414 series became noteworthy by regularly including a third race... Egronga warriors. Their long range bio-sensing abilities seemed a natural fit.
Builder Notes: 

I used common craft glass paint on the clear pieces to get the necessary yellow windscreen (this has been done before... originally by Zachmoe, I think.) It's simply painted on with a cheap brush and later peels off harmlessly like plastic wrap.

The studs forward technique makes the side nacelles perfectly sturdy: no drooping whatsoever. I was worried about the 'neck' though, as I didn't have anyway of running technic beams through the middle or tacking tiles along the outside to keep the stack from cracking up. Fortunately, the maximum supportable length was about what I wanted visually. (This is probably one of the biggest models I've made that is still one-hand-swooshable.)

I originally developed landing gear that were more delicate and jack-knifed into position; they actually supported the weight but I scrapped them for the current beefier version containing only one hinge each.

True classic fans will note the small, light gray doors on the sides of the aft section: a nod to the Galaxy Explorer... and indeed, these originals survived with me from that very set 30 years ago.

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i love you dude

i love you dude

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