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Day 16: Bonus - An oldie, but a goodie!

Many of you may have seen the following awsome creation before, but I have to say, no rundown of Neo-Classic Space would be complete without this beauty:

Classic Space Shuttle

The creation is by Bram Lambrecht, who is pretty well know within the Lego-building community.  It has a lovely working arrangement for the under-carriage and some clever technic arrangement within the wings.  The beautiful 'snot' Classic Space logo has to be seen to be believed.

There's a bunch more nice pictures on Bram's site here.

Nice work then and still nice work now!

So cute, but what's that trans yellow solution?

Check out this lovely little Classic Space number by space building legend Peter Morris :


Star Skipper


It's a beautiful little creation, but uses a modified (coloured over) cockpit canopy. Various techniques have been used to create these effects in the past including acrylic inks, stains and thermal sheeting. Peter has done a great job on this, but not one for the purists I fear! The lack of variety in trans-yellow parts has always been a double-edged sword, an annoyance, but a challenge. Try coming up with some novel trans solutions and get those pictures on-line!

How cute is this?!

Brickshelf user Compike comes up with the cutest little LL928 Galaxy Explorer ever.

Micro Galaxy Explorer

Check out the rest of the set here

"Classic Starfighter" creates some cabriolet retro chic

This lovely little creation is actually an old MOC of Flickr user Nolnet

 Classic Starfighter

It use a really nice combination of forms. It's retro because Nolnet only used parts available in 1987 and cabriolet? Well it's one of those rare open-topped blue and grey numbers that the Neo Classic Space scientist dabbled with - feel the solar wind in your visor man!

Edit: Thanks to the anonymous poster who pointed out my error when I said it was made with parts from 1978.

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