"Classic Starfighter" creates some cabriolet retro chic

This lovely little creation is actually an old MOC of Flickr user Nolnet

 Classic Starfighter

It use a really nice combination of forms. It's retro because Nolnet only used parts available in 1987 and cabriolet? Well it's one of those rare open-topped blue and grey numbers that the Neo Classic Space scientist dabbled with - feel the solar wind in your visor man!

Edit: Thanks to the anonymous poster who pointed out my error when I said it was made with parts from 1978.



This is a nice little creation, so I'm not dissing it, but I feel compelled to point out (although I'm probably not that first), that the claim that this ship could have been built in 1978 is completely inaccurate. Just off the top of my head I can see half a dozen pieces that were not available as late as 1981.

Update - 1978

I looked up Nolnet on brickshelf and figured out the problem - you transposed his numbers - he says 'all parts and colors pre-1987', which is most likely a valid claim.

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