Crew transfers aboard the Mayfly

The Classic Space Federation is not just about sleek fighter and exploration ships. Sometimes just getting crews where they need to be, and when it comes to shuttling personnel, one of the most reliable workhorses is the LL-445 "Mayfly" designed by the reveered Doctor Sinister.

LL-445 Box Art

The double wing design was chosen for aerodynamic advantages in atmospheric operations, and to hide the large fuel tanks.

LL-445 Side

Its design builds upon the LL-444 fighter, and it's no surprise that they look very similar.

LL-445 and LL-444

The LL-445, however, has much increased carrying capacity, allowing it to carry either a pilot and five passengers, or a significant amount of essential supplies.

LL-445 Crew

The Mayfly is popular among crews, especially after the incident on one of the Kroktal moons, which the crew attribute their survival to the sturdy design of the craft.

LL-445 Crew on Kroktal moon

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