LL-445 "Mayfly" Class Inter-Ship Personnel Shuttle

The LL-445 Inter-Ship Personnel Shuttle, colloquially known as the "Mayfly" is one of the standard shuttle designs in use throughout the Federation today. It is essentially a larger version of the LL-444 "Gnat" Class Starfighter, featuring a longer and wider chassis and fitted with four wings based heavily on the design sported by its faster cousin.

MayFly Box Art

The Mayfly features two large docking hatches, one at the top and one at the bottom, linked through the centre of the craft with a null-G "well" through which crewmembers can embark and disembark "up" or "down" from the shuttle to whichever ship or station the shuttle is docked. Thus it does not matter at which orientation the shuttle docks since the crew essentially "swims" through the hatch to board larger ships.


These hatches, whilst featuring the new standardised Federation design, can also mate with a variety of older types of airlock.

The Mayfly can also make direct planetary landings with its heavy duty landing skids.

The Mayfly can be piloted by one person and can carry an additional five personnel. Alternatively, it can be used as a small cargo transport, with the seats folding down into the floor to allow crates to be loaded on board.

LL-445s can also be used in a combat role, as they mount 4 x Reid Corporation Type IIT Heavy Laser Cannons and two JS Inc "Defender" Concussion Missile Launchers as standard, with options for wider or mission-specific weapons loadouts if necessary.
LL-445s have begun to be incorporated into new Federation capital ship designs, most notably the "Hornet" Class Pocket Carrierwhich features a Mayfly as its primary inter-ship ferry vessel and secondary command centre.

MayFly Crashland


The Mayfly design uses 4 x Gravelox Mk VIII Turbines and 2 x Crawshaw Corporation "Jack-Hammer" Warp-Folding Engines for intergalactic travel.

Length: 12.72 Metres.

Width: 12 Metres.

Height: 4.72 Metres.

Dr. S.

Builder Notes: 

I was originally planning a separate shuttle deck to allow the operations crew to board the Europa (Fighter crews of course land in the hangar bay, but the Europa itself does not land) but instead I have determined that the Europa design will feature an upper pylon along its dorsal edge onto which a Mayfly Shuttle will dock to allow crew transfer.

I have deliberately based the design heavily from the smaller LL-444 "Gnat", as well as featuring elements of construction featuring in the Europa - specifically the split "bug-eyed" cockpit.

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