LL-444 Interceptor


The LL-444 Interceptor is suited for both planetary and capital ship deployment.  Able to scramble very quickly to defend strategic resources, the LL-444 is intended as a fast attack craft – zipping into range with a hard-hitting strafe of its weapons systems against enemy targets, before breaking off out of range, ready to come in again with additional strikes, moving faster than many enemy guns can target.

The LL-444 was initially intended mainly as an anti-fighter starfighter, however its weapons are powerful enough, when enough craft are present, to penetrate the shields and hulls of small capital ships.  But capital ships are more normally left to dedicated strikefighters, heavy fighters, or other capital ships.

It mounts two heavy laser cannon on the wingtips and also has two medium Gauss Cannons in the tubes at the front. It would be theoretically possible to strip out the lasers and mount a single Graser or X-Ray laser, either of which would be much more powerful individually, but then the rate of fire would be drastically reduced and the entire rationale behind the design would be lost as the ship would have to slow to allow the larger weapons the time to inflict the damage necessary.

LL-444s are not intended for long deployment and are unsuited for escort duties as their duration per sortie is limited.  They are best used in a CSP (Combat Space Patrol) function – brief two-hour patrols around friendly facilities – or maintained in a “ready” status on landing pads or in launch tubes for immediate action if hostile ships come into range.

Builder Notes: 

I've stuck rigidly to the rules of Neo-Classic Space, although I took a small liberty with the yellow and black "bumblebee stripes" which I've tried to make a little more functional in appearance.  Luckily I seem to have gotten away with it without Admiral Shields putting me before a firing squad.

The landing gear is, as far as I'm aware, a unique design that I'm quite pleased with and the addition of "cheese" slopes which weren't available in 1979 adds a really sleek finish to the model which I like.

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