Bionic Bad Boi's troopers are well protected

On the galactic front lines, where Federation resources are stretched to breaking point, it has become vital to keep casualties to a minimum. Armoured hardsuits are now widely used in many uncertain situations from routine patrols to combat operations.

Iron Monkey

Some of the most popular examples come from BBBCS, who have built a reputation for combining maximum troop protection with powerful weaponary at a price point that even the all-powerful Federation accountancy department can't object to. Their latest model, the Iron Monkey, is easy to pilot, fast and fuel efficient to deliver even greater savings.

Iron Monkey Profile

This is just the latest in a long line of models that included the ever popular Defender. Despite its age, it is still popular with Federation troops. Although it is now being phased out, there are still many in active service.

Defender hardsuit

Day 26 Bonus: LL-562 Defender

A small, fast, heavily armed starfighter, Peter L Morris's LL-562 looks very swooshable indeed.

LL-562 Defender

Peter says: So, this is more along the lines of what was going through my mind when I was asked to do a MOC for NCS month. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I went with the Seraph, but it's not exactly swoosh friendly. It can be swooshed, but the wings get in the way and tend to bump into things. Plus it's a pain to just set somewhere, as something ends up getting bent out of whack. This is more my speed. Simple landing gear, relatively tough, and not too terrible to look at.

Defender from behind

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