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Day 9 Bonus: LL-938 Supply Ship

We're not promising to have a bonus every day, but you never know! Right now there are so many great classic space themed models appearing the web that it's getting hard to choose which ones to feature! I challenge you all to keep me making hard choices.

Today was no contest, however. We just couldn't leave out Mark Kupietz (Serrater)'s LL-938 Supply Ship.

LL-938 Supply Ship

This model has it all - great part usage, fantastic design and a wild case of runaway greebles! If you don't recognise the canopy, it's the part that led to Pete Reid building his blue canary, without which we'd never have started off on this wild adventure in the first place. It's actually from a Duplo set. Well done for cramming two of them in!

LL-938 unloads its cargo

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