LL-117 Prototype Escort Fighter


LL-117 is the result of a highly classified program to investigate a wide range of new technologies for a new class of starfighter. Over the life of the program several different configurations were investigated, and LL-117 emerged as the optimal design. Piloted by General Palmer. 

Builder Notes: 
I made this in February 2008. I was trying to improve on the LL-118 design, with extra greebs and a detailed underside. My fiancee Yvonne sorted out the 'faded' bumblebee markings, suggesting the pilot flew too close to the sun at some point.
Active Service



This is a great improvement on 118. I love the subtle greebling and simple clean shape. I can easily imagine a fleet of these emerging from the Battlestar Galactica.

Presumably this is your answer to set 918.

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