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How cute is this?!

Brickshelf user Compike comes up with the cutest little LL928 Galaxy Explorer ever.

Micro Galaxy Explorer

Check out the rest of the set here

"Classic Starfighter" creates some cabriolet retro chic

This lovely little creation is actually an old MOC of Flickr user Nolnet

 Classic Starfighter

It use a really nice combination of forms. It's retro because Nolnet only used parts available in 1987 and cabriolet? Well it's one of those rare open-topped blue and grey numbers that the Neo Classic Space scientist dabbled with - feel the solar wind in your visor man!

Edit: Thanks to the anonymous poster who pointed out my error when I said it was made with parts from 1978.

Welcome to Neo Classic Space

Pete with LL497 Okay, I feel bad posting the first entry, but here goes...

This website came about because of an idea Pete Reid had, what seems like an eternity ago now. But I'll let him tell you that story.

Neo Classic Space is a reimagining of the Lego Classic Space ships and vehicles from the blue/grey era, using modern building techniques and parts. Neo Classic Space models are more than just inspired by the classic space line, they are the continuation of that line to its logical conclusion, and as such follow a carefully thought standard that we feel is in keeping with the original designers' intentions. is a home for the models we build in this style. If you would like to contribute, please fill out the contact form and let us have a look at your models. We welcome contributors, but please don't be upset if we don't accept your first efforts. It doesn't mean they aren't great models, just that they don't fit with the Neo Classic Space standard.

But that's enough from me... time for some Neo Classic Space!

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