moritz nolting

Day 19: LL-192 Orbit Hauler and LL-203 Multiple Maintenance Mobile

As we continue our well rounded tour of the federation, Moritz Nolting brings us to some of the men and women who keep the Federation ticking over from day to day.

This is dedicated to the hard working staff of spacemen who keep the federation up and running behind the scenes. Huge moonbases, exploration outposts and rocket launching ramps are pretty cool, but someone has to build them first.

LL-192 Orbit Hauler

The LL-192 Orbit Hauler is a mid-sized, mid-range cargo freighter, designed to carry heavy loads of prefab construction material like walls, platform segments and the like. It is not particularly sleek, nor fast, nor armed and certainly not a beauty to behold. But then, hauling giant piles of space concrete isn't exactly flower arranging, is it? Most Orbit Haulers have been in service for several decades, their everlasting double polonium thrusters being practically indestructable.


Ready to deliver!


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