LL-192 Orbit Hauler


The LL-192 Orbit Hauler is a mid-sized, mid-range cargo freighter, designed to carry heavy loads of prefab construction material like walls, platform segments and the like. It is not particularly sleek, nor fast, nor armed and certainly not a beauty to behold. But then, hauling giant piles of space concrete isn't exactly flower arranging, is it? Most Orbit Haulers have been in service for several decades, their everlasting double polonium thrusters being practically indestructable.

This version of the Orbit Hauler seats one pilot and features a crew cab with space for two crewmen.

Builder Notes: 
I didn't buy anything spacy since, well, since Futuron actually. The occasional impulse, but nothing bigger. So I had to rely on lots of odd technic parts to get the colour sceme right. That most of my grey and blue stuff is yellowed didn't make things easier. The building was fun nontheless, especially the Hauler's cab. It involves so many "illegal" techniques that I actually broke one of the blue inverted double wedge things in the process of attaching it to the inner frame. Fortunately I had four of those.
Active Service


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