LL-094 'Buzzhawk'

LL-094 Buzzhawk
The LL-94 is a trainer. Small, agile, and easy to fly, it is the perfect platform on which to train starfighter pilots. A small footprint and ease of maintenance make it a favorite among ground crews, as well.
Builder Notes: 
When the original Buzzhawk was selected as one of the five ships to go in the banner of the Classic-Space Forum, I knew I should build one using Classic Space colors. But what to do for a canopy? I knew the standard clear or trans-dark wouldn't cut it. CSF user Zachmoe had a wonderful technique for painting parts. I contaced him to see if he'd be interested in painting a clear round canopy and he agreed. When it came back, I was surprised how good it looked, and knew I had something super cool on my hands.
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