LL-560 Seraph

LL-560 Box Art

The Seraph is a heavy fighter built for fleet defense and attack operations. It features two heavy plasma cannons and two short range photon rifles. The cockpit is well armored, though visibilty is poor. Many pilots initially complain about the tunnel-vision effect, but they quickly fall in love with the overwhelming firepower and superb maneuverability.

Few Seraphs are in service, however, due to their extreme cost and high maintenance requirements.

Builder Notes: 

Originally my entry was going to use Peter Reid's cockpit, and a more traditional design - more of a Classic Space Earth Directorate Starfighter (from Buck Rogers). But I just didn't like the way it was coming together, so I scrapped it and went with a sketch I'd made. The sketch was inspired by several of nnenn's MOCs.

Active Service


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