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Classic Space crew on parade

It looks like the Classic Space Federation are getteng ready for something big. Across the federation, crews are shining up their best uniforms, polishing equipment and makingselves look their best. Some had been suggesting that the federation was on it's way out, but no more.

Captain Armstrong's crew stand proudly to attention before boarding their ship. The excitement mounts across the federation.

Thanks for Ed Diment for his photo of the proud crew.

Resistance is Futile

Classic Space Borg CubeAn interesting twist on the Classic Space theme is T.Oechsner's Classic Space Borg Cube. He's captured the effect of the Borg cube beautifully, while cramming in lots of Legoland Space influence in.

I've certainly been assimilated.

Mobile Rocket Launcher

Pete and Ed's Mobile Rocket LauncherPete Reid and Ed Diment have updated the old mobile rocket launcer from the original Legoland space lineup. I have very fond memories of the original, despite its major problem of a bracket half way along the rocket body. Their version has no such problem, and adds some lovely details, such as the metal detectors on the roll cage. The radar and its controls are particularly nicely done.

More photos on Flickr

Louise's Monorail Transports Hazardous Waste

Hazardous WasteLouise Dade's LL-325 monorail was designed to shuttle crew and cargo around Tranquility Base, but is it the bast way to transport "hazardous nitrogenous waste"?

Poor little astronaut has had an accident. Let's hope the clean-up crew get there in time!

Pete Reid's Exo Suit

Pete Reid's Exo SuitPete Reid (Legoloverman) has created an utterly amazing Exo Suit, that looks like it would come in handy both for general chores like shifting crates around the hanger, and for warding off giant brainsucking alien monsters.

Pete has long been famous for his bipedal robots, so it's surprising it's taken him this long to marry them with Classic Space. The results are totally worth waiting for.

I'm really glad this beastie is on our side.

Now we just want the version with dual gatling guns!

More photos on Flickr.

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