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Correction: This is the 5-ton pod

Here's the real scoop on this creation -- I was unable to access my notes when I made the previous post:

The ion-drive LUV is shown towing a cargo POD for one of the BASA (Brickton Aeronautics and Space Administration) research stations on the moon.
The LUV is a versatile vehicle, capable of towing an 11 lunar ton load up a 28 degree grade without loss of power. When not towing, the LUV can hit a top speed of 85 mph (although the cloud of lunar dust created at top speed creates havoc for anyone following it)
The POD shown is a 5-ton model used for storing perishable food items. It contains a full emergency kit with solar-powered transmitter, oxygen, and the home version of "Wheel of Fortune."


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